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First things first...

What is hosting?

Web hosting is a service

Web hosting is a service.It allows you to upload your website onto the internet and allows other users (your clients) to access your website via the internet.

You need a domain to host a website

We equip you with all you need to get your business online: domain registration, disk-space, databases and more.

Domains you can register with us:

















The Process of Hosting

1. Domain Registration

Think of your Domain as a folder. Every domain or ‘folder’ can have a name but no two domains can have the same name. For example, we have registered the domain: No one else can register this domain. Similarly, depending on the name of your business we will register a Domain for you, as long as it has not already been registered by someone else.Once your ‘folder’ is registered you can start filling it up with important items such as Mailboxes and a Website.

2. Choosing a hosting package

Now that you have a registered domain, it’s time to start adding useful information to it, for eg: mailboxes for clients to email you and a website for clients to find more information about you. The best way to decide on a hosting package is to determine 3 things: Disk Space needed, Bandwidth required and Budget. You can easily choose a package once you have narrowed down these options. If you are unsure, speak to us and we will be happy to guide you through the decision making process. 

Why choose us?

Lightening Fast Speeds

Enjoy exceptional loading speeds on our dedicated server with 99.9% guarenteed uptime.

Safe and Secure

Daily backups and restore function saved off-site so you always have access to a latest copy of your site. 

1-Click WordPress Install

Quick and simple wordpress installtion on your domain with the lick of a button.


Get the most out of your hosting package. We include all of the add-ons below at no extra cost when you sign up with us for a hosting package:



No matter what type of business you are we’ve got a hosting package for you.


per month



per month

Grow Big


per month

Larger than Life

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